Bloconomic 2018 review – Day 1

Bloconomic 2018 review – Day 1

Bloconomic 2018 (Blockchain Economic Summit) started on 16th August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was one of its kind which had successfully attracted over 80 international speakers, over 100 media partners with closed to 3,000 participants including speakers, experts, legislators, blockchain associations and community from over 30 countries.

Despite the sluggish cryptocurrency price right before the summit, it didn’t seem to affect the enthusiasm that the participants had towards the technology as they managed to see the use of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency itself. Reputable blockchain experts, digital asset management elites, and even professionals and banking executive themselves shared their experience, discussed the current and future development of blockchain economy.

The summit focuses on blockchain fundamental applications such as legislations around the world, eKYC, advertisement technology, AI, Big Data and asset tokenization, without any cryptocurrency speculation discussion taking place.

Trivechain Blockchain Hub, Centre of Excellence (COE)

The summit started off with an opening ceremony by the President of Malaysia Blockchain Association, Dato Rayson Wong, and the Vice President, Growth Ecosystem Development of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Mr. Norhizam Abdul Kadir, witnessing the birth of the Trivechain Blockchain Hub, a centre of excellence for blockchain application in collaboration between Malaysia Blockchain Association, Setia Haruman Sdn. Bhd. and the Trivechain Foundation. This is followed by a serial of MOU signing between Malaysia Blockchain Association with several parties in agreement to build the blockchain ecosystem together globally.

Despite being its first year organizing the summit, Bloconomic 2018 had managed to attract many top international blockchain companies to showcase their projects here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Exhibitors from China, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, South America, Italy, United States, Kazakhstan, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia itself received overwhelming responses from the participants and media alike.

Key highlights of the day:

Current Legal & Regulatory Framework Cryptocurrency, ICO & Blockchain by John Ho, Head of Financial Markets and Legal Department at Standard Chartered Bank

Financial Inclusive Solutions to Poverty and Infrastructure Financing through Blockchain by Hazim Mohamad, World Bank representative

Launching of Maxxcoin on Trivechain Platform by Matthew Chong, Maxxcoin

Commodity Trading in Blockchain by Dato Sri Navneet Goenka CEO of Glitzkoin

Blockchain Nation by Anthony Davie CEO of Invech International Group

Importance of Blockchain Economy and Decentralized Data by Tan Ji Sheng Co-founder of Trivechain Foundation

Discussion and experience sharing to stimulate creativity

The summit also set up three exciting symposiums on the theme of “Blockchain application in the United States, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia”, “Striving a balance between privacy and accountability on post-quantum blockchain” and “How to spot good blockchain projects from the bad”.

Invited guests experienced a wonderful debate and discussion on the three major themes, each with their own opinions, to stimulate the creativity and passion of blockchain application.

Crypto currency exchange and the currency economic profile

The sponsors of the summit include representatives from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bitpoint Malaysia, Australia’s Bitrabbit, US eToro, Mexico’s Bitrus and Tokenize exchange. They put forward a lot of insights on cryptocurrency transactions and trends for the audience to have a better understanding of cryptocurrency trading. In particular, Bitrabbit COO, Lucy Chen shared the importance of cryptocurrency trading in the future of cryptocurrency economic development.

Blockchain innovation projects are blooming

Another major theme of the summit was the showcase of innovative projects that tested and has successfully implement blockchain technology. For example, global game chain GGC in the gaming industry.

GGC Malaysia and Singapore partner, Adam Tan, delivered a wonderful speech on “Why traditional entrepreneurs will embrace digital currency”, which resonate many guests.

Mogu Head of Business Development, Sam Hourigan put forward the « Future of Everything-as-a-service » (XaaS).

MFun CEO, Brian Fan introduced the characteristics of the MFun project.

Mica Fund founder, Kevin Hoo also shared the operation of the venture capital funds in cryptocurrency.

Aenco Co-founder, Darren Lui shared « How to use HealthTech, the new finance and blockchain solution platform to incubate the next unicorn. »

Quiztok business architect, Byeongseon BAE also introduced Quiztok’s blockchain application.

Day 1 of the summit ended with a speech delivered by CryptoBLK CEO, Dr. Duncan Wong, who talked about “Striving a balance between privacy and accountability on post-quantum blockchain”, which received warm applauds from the audience.

Awesome First day’s feedback:

« Finally I have a clearer picture of blockchain application » – Student of Asia pacific university

« Before Bloconomic, I thought blockchain is only smart contract and bitcoin but today we had an eye opening experience with other blockchain for example, we did not know halal chain can have so many applications. » – Student of Asia pacific university

« Exciting event!! The price of Bitcoin in Japan keeps declining but the blockchain scene in Malaysia keeps growing! » – Kenji Ito (Coin Otaku Ou)

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